Holistic Healing‚Äč

Welcome to L&L Holistic Healing. Our name L&L stands for love and light. Love and light are the ingredients required for true healing to take place.

Our mission is to implement love and light into each and every healing session. Through the power of acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, and herbalism we provide a safe, professional, authentic healing experience for mind, body, and spirit. L&L Holistic Healing is a family owned business. Dr. Marc Greenstein, D.Ac.,L.Ac.,LMT and Diana Greenstein, LMT, CH., created L&L Holistic Healing to offer holistic healing in its most authentic form. Our belief is that the physical and the metaphysical are inseparable. By healing the deep mind we can achieve an environment where the body heals itself. We simply act as the right catalyst in-order for your body to do so. Allow us to empower you to take control of your health and your destiny. 

We invite you to experience the magic here 


L&L Holistic Healing