What others are saying about L&L

I cannot fully express my gratitude for the gifted and intuitive healers at L&L, who helped me through the most difficult time of my life. I was at a loss and tried many other alternative “traditional” approaches (psychotherapy, pharmaceuticals) and was not making any progress. My hypnotherapy sessions with Diana and acupuncture sessions with Marc were the catalyst I needed to make an energetic shift in my life and allow me to start truly living again. Since then I also have gotten massaged by the gifted Madeline. I recommend any and all of their services they have to offer.

-Colleen T

You will feel the healing vibrations of L&L as soon as you walk through the door! It is truly a special place - I have been to many "healers" in many different places, and L&L is one place where I have found true & deep healing, one place where I know it is absolutely in my best interest to keep going back to go deeper into the healing journey. Each practitioner at L&L is kind, receptive & nurturing. I am impressed by each practitioner's knowledge & devotion to their healing practice. I have received combined acupuncture & hypnotherapy with Marc & Diana, and massages from Madeleine. Combined acupuncture & hypnotherapy has helped me to release lifetimes of mental distortions that have held me back from a happier and healthier life! Massage Therapy with Madeleine is always a very beautiful & spiritually uplifting experience. I am happy and grateful that a place like L&L Holistic Healing exists on Long Island... you will be, too! <3

-Kristina K

What our customers are saying

L&L Holistic Healing is a beautiful healing space. The moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and relaxed. Everyone that I have met there is extremely sweet and knowledgeable. I know that anyone will be happy with their services whether they receive massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy or a yoni steaming. Would definitely recommend 

-Kristen Y

I've had acupuncture done before, but L & L takes it to a whole new level. I can't even find the words to suit my gratitude. I was blown away by Diana and Marc the first time I went to them, but the second time truly touched my heart. I had a severe burn on my hand and just wanted to come in for a treatment to treat myself, not realizing the kind of magic they could make happen for my burn! Marc and Diana did a special treatment for my burn and within two days I saw such rapid results that even the nurse and burn unit were shocked. If it weren't for them, I would have scars all over my hand and still have a bandage on it.

They took care of me with so much love, knowledge, and kindness I would recommend their services to anyone whether it be for a medical issue, self-care or just curiosity.

-Katelyn B