Full Moon

Group Hypnotherapy 

Join Diana Om-Shanti for the November Full Moon in Taurus

helping to manifest our dreams and goals that we have had for ourselves this year, that haven't fully come into manifestation. Releasing emotions and thought patterns that are keeping us conflicted in our minds, that are causing our dreams to not become our reality.  Learn how to better Co-Create your reality by understanding the law of magnetic attraction.

Be guided on a deep journey of inner personal reflection, to help release old though patterns that are keeping you stuck in the past, and unable to Co-Create in present time.

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Group Hypnotherapy

4 Week Series

4-week Hypnotherapy Series

Healing of the 4 Universal Archetypal Patterns of the Mind


I last hosted this Series in January of this year and got AMAZING feed back on how transformative it was for the people who attended. So I'm bringing it back for all who are ready to take the same transformational journey.


This 4-week series will focus in depth on the 4 Universal Archetypal patterns of our subconscious and unconscious minds.

The Inner Child, The Victim, The Prostitute, and The Saboteur Archetypes.

All 4 can be seen present universally and stems from the foundation of our being, which is our survival center. Each week will be dedicated to one of the 4 Archetypes, exploring how patterns and programs are affecting each of our deeper minds in a negative way.

Through the use of hypnotherapy we will discover where the negative programs began and where they are showing up consistently for you in your life. Once we shine Awareness on these behavioral patterns, we are then able to reframe it and bring these Archetypes into their higher more helpful forms of expression.

This series is done in a group setting, where you are supported by others who are seeking the same self-healing that you are. I provide a safe, neutral, loving atmosphere, that helps support the highest manifestation of self-healing.


This 4-week series will be held Sunday's November 10th through December 1st


Cost: $200

Registration Required

Space is Limited 

Woman's Monthly Group Hypnotherapy ‚Äč

This month we will be gathering together at the beautiful and Magical Forsythe Meadow County Park, in Stony Brook

Sunday October 20th


Join Me as we recover and discover our inner Wild Woman!

Learning where and when we got disconnected from this very vital aspect of our inner nature.

Have you ever felt like you were a feral cat trying to be domesticated? Either by your family, friends, partners, and society?

Together we will reconnect with this part of ourselves


journal prompts

group sharing




and a powerful guided Hypnotherapy Journey to truly Recover that wild woman inside that wants to be freed from her cage.


You are encouraged to bring any instrument you might have

in particular a drum so we can make music together!


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